Friday, September 6, 2013

Excuse me.. Do you have any four by twos ?

Excuse me... Do you have any 4 by 2s ?

Yep, you heard me right.  He wanted some 4 x 2s... so i said "yes sir, they are right down here by the 2 x 4s"

"How long would you like them" i asked.

In his infinite wisdom, he said...  "Well, i'm buildin a house, so i reckon im gonna need em fer a long time"

(I sure hope he was messin with me !)
Blog courtesy of Mr. David Kidder, Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire.

I Need some Blinds for my Window...

I had a customer the other day who needed blinds cut for her window.  (Home Depot will cut them to size in just minutes)

So I asked her if she had the measurements of the window.

She promptly help up her smart phone and showed me a picture of the window in question.


"Here's you're sign"